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Babylon 5 CCG Cards

All cards are in mint/near mint condition except where noted. These cards are currently available from eBay seller Mech Auctions in the Babylon 5 CCG Singles auction. Additional Babylon 5 CCG Items are also available, including promo cards, embossed autographs, and sealed booster boxes and packs!

Premier Edition

Premier – Rare

Premier – Uncommon

Premier – Common

Premier – Fixed

Deluxe Edition

Deluxe – Rare

Deluxe – Uncommon

Deluxe – Common

Deluxe – Fixed

Shadows Edition

Shadows – Rare

Shadows – Uncommon

Shadows – Common

Great War Edition

Great War – Rare

Great War – Uncommon

Great War – Common

Great War – Fixed

Psi-Corps Edition

Psi-Corps – Rare

Psi-Corps – Uncommon

Psi-Corps – Common

Psi-Corps – Fixed

Severed Dreams Edition

Severed Dreams – Rare

Severed Dreams – Uncommon

Severed Dreams – Common

Wheel of Fire Edition

Wheel of Fire – Rare

Wheel of Fire – Uncommon

Wheel of Fire – Common

Crusade Edition

Crusade – Rare

Crusade – Uncommon

Crusade – Common